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At Samurai, we understand that maintaining a website or web application is as crucial as building it. That's why we offer tailored web maintenance solutions to suit your needs. Every website we develop comes with a user-friendly back office, customized based on our initial agreement. This setup allows you to easily manage agreed-upon sections of your website.

For any new features or changes beyond your scope, the Samurai team is equipped to handle these updates efficiently.

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent, based on the amount of time we dedicate to your project. Thanks to Jikan that enables you to track in details how your time was spent.

To cater to different needs, we offer two flexible options:

  • Yearly Retainer Package
  • Monthly Retainer Package

Option A: Yearly Retainer Package

Our Yearly Package allows you to purchase a set number of hours upfront, valid for a full year from the purchase date. This option offers unmatched flexibility, perfect for fluctuating web development needs throughout the year. You can allocate the hours as needed over the year, and easily track your time consumption online. It's ideal for clients who prefer adaptable web maintenance.



1 hour

Rs 2,600 € 60

5 hours

@ Rs 2,400 / hour @ € 55 / hour

Rs 12,000 € 275

10 hours

@ Rs 2,300 / hour @ € 53 / hour

Rs 23,000 € 530

20 hours

@ Rs 2,200 / hour @ € 50 / hour

Rs 44,000 € 1,000


If you choose the 10-hour package, you might use 3 hours in January, 2 hours in March, and the remaining 5 hours sporadically throughout the year for updates or fixes.


Option B: Monthly Retainer Package

The Monthly Retainer Package is for clients with consistent and regular web development needs. Select a fixed number of hours each month for a one-year period, ideal for ongoing, dedicated service with priority on your projects. Hours are set monthly and do not roll over to ensure focused availability.



1 hour monthly

@ Rs 2,300 / hour @ € 55 / hour

Rs 2,300 € 55 / month

5 hours monthly

@ Rs 2,200 / hour @ € 50 / hour

Rs 11,000 € 250 / month

10 hours monthly

@ Rs 2,100 / hour @ € 45 / hour

Rs 21,000 € 450 / month

15 hours monthly

@ Rs 2,000 / hour @ € 43 / hour

Rs 30,000 € 645 / month


If you opt for a 5-hour monthly package, you're billed at Rs 2,200/ hour, totaling Rs 11,000 per month. € 50/ hour, totaling € 250 per month. This is ideal for regular site maintenance or incremental feature additions.

Opt for peace of mind.

Call on our team for flexible, responsive support.

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