Email list

One email address, multiple recipients!

The email list solution significantly enhances internal team communication. For instance, a '' group list allows all support inquiries to be distributed among the entire team. This ensures prompt and collective response to customer queries. The service's unlimited internal recipient feature aids in efficient information sharing within large teams, fostering collaborative work environments.

However, the service has certain limitations. A notable one is the 250 external recipient cap, which can be restrictive for large-scale external communications. Additionally, the 5 MB message size limit might hinder the sharing of large documents or multimedia files, requiring teams to seek alternative file-sharing solutions.

In summary, the email lists are an excellent tool for internal team communication and collaboration, enhancing efficiency and information dissemination. While mindful of its limitations in external communication capacity and file size restrictions, it remains a valuable asset for streamlined group correspondence.


This service is provided by Rackspace, where we handle all the setup and management, ensuring that clients can enjoy a hassle-free experience without the need to directly contact Rackspace.


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