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How it works

Imagine you're a freelancer named Alex who runs a small graphic design business. You have a professional email address, '', which you use on your business cards and website. However, to keep things simple and save on costs, you don't want to manage multiple email accounts. So, you set up an email forwarder.

Here's how it works: Whenever someone sends an email to '', the email forwarder automatically redirects it to Alex's personal email account, ''. This way, Alex can receive all his professional emails in his personal inbox, which he checks regularly. It's convenient and cost-effective.

However, when Alex needs to reply to these emails, he can't send the response from '' since the forwarder only works for incoming mail. He has to use his personal Gmail account or another email setup for sending messages. This means Alex sacrifices a bit of professionalism in his responses and needs to explain to his clients why his responses come from a different email address.

So, while the email forwarder makes it easy and affordable for Alex to receive emails sent to his professional address, it limits his ability to respond directly from that address, and he relies on his personal email account's security and organization.

Key benefits

  • Professional Email on Business Card: You can display a professional email address associated with your business on your business cards. It gives a good impression, showing that you have a dedicated business presence.
  • Cost-Effective: This solution is more affordable than a full email account. It's a smart choice if you're looking to save money while maintaining a professional image.
  • Simplicity: It simplifies your email management. Instead of checking multiple accounts, all your emails are directed to one place you're already familiar with.
  • Zero Setup: Let us handle the setup. Simply provide the email forwarder address and the destination for your emails, and we'll take care of the rest.

These advantages make email forwarders a practical choice for many professionals, especially those who want to maintain a professional image while managing their communications efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • No Sending Capability: The most significant drawback is that you cannot send emails from the forwarded address. This means you can't reply directly to emails using your professional email; you'll have to use your personal or another email account for sending messages.
  • Dependence on Primary Email Account: All your emails are directed to a single primary account. If there are issues with this account, like it being full or facing technical problems, you might miss important emails.
  • Limited Control Over Security: Since emails are forwarded to another account, you rely on the security measures of that account. If your primary email account isn't well-secured, your forwarded messages might be at risk.
  • Potential for Clutter: Having all emails forwarded to one account can lead to clutter, making it challenging to organize and prioritize messages.

These drawbacks highlight that while an email forwarder is economical and simple, it might not suit everyone's needs, especially if sending emails from a professional address or having more control over email management and security is crucial.


Foward all emails of your professional email account to your personal email account.


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